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Nova Launcher is truly one of the best Android launchers on the Google Play Store. It is fast, efficient, and lightweight. It supports dock customizations, notification badges, an option to show.. In der Regel führt das zu mehr Leistung auf eurem Smartphone. Überdies könnt Ihr in diesen Launchern App-Symbole frei anordnen. Launcher 3. Als Abspaltung von Googles klassischem Now Launcher ist der Launcher 3 etwas für Leute, die es einfach mögen. Der Open-Source-Launcher bietet weder ein Backup-System noch Icon-Pack-Unterstützung, lässt Euch jedoch bei der Anordnung Eurer App-Symbole. Nova Launcher - Android App 6.1.11. Version 1.2.39. Jetzt im Material Design: Nova Launcher ist ein alternativer Launcher für Android, der mit zahlreichen Anpassungsmöglichkeiten kommt

Was ist ein Launcher bei Android Der Launcher ist das Herzstück Ihres Android-Smartphones. Er ist vergleichbar mit dem Desktop auf einem Windows-Rechner. Sie legen dort Verknüpfungen zu oft.. Android kann ganz schön kompliziert sein. Oft verstecken sich wichtige Funktionen in unübersichtlichen Menüs. Doch mit sogenannten Launcher-Apps können Nutzer das Handy ganz nach ihrem.

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  1. imalistischen Android-App Google Now Launcher holt ihr euch den Standard-Launcher von Android auf euer Telefon und ersetzt die komplizierten Startbildschirme der Hersteller
  2. Nova Launcher is one of the best Android launchers around. It is a buttery smooth launcher which I have been using for over three years now. It is fast, efficient and lightweight. The highly customizable, performance driven, home screen
  3. GO Launcher - Best Android Launcher 2021. GO Launcher need no introduction as it is one of the most popular best Android launchers amongst the masses at the present time due to reason that it is compatible with smartphones as well as tablets. The launcher comes with rich screen 3D effects and customization options which makes your device look classy. The launcher provides you with a wide.
  4. YOU CAN GET ANDROID 4.4 LAUNCHER ON YOUR PHONE NOW!! Instructions: 1. Download the zip file from below. 2. Extract the zip and place the apks on your phone 3. Install PrebuiltGmsCore.apk 4. Install Velvet.apk 5. Install GoogleHome.apk 6. Press home button, select the launcher and enjoy! Download link l Mirror Video: Credits: Orlandojumpoff [Android 4.4 Wallpapers from nexus 5: Link WARNING.

Microsoft Launcher, which was previously Arrow Launcher, is a popular Android interface package among other well-favored ones including the Nova Launcher and Google's Pixel Launcher. Most people who are relying on other launchers seem not giving the Microsoft Launcher a try. The Microsoft Launcher on Android is really cool, say many users Unfortunately, not all Android TV Boxes allow for 3rd party launchers. In addition, the following apps mentioned below are available for installation through the Aptoide App. Aptoide and tons of other streaming/tech applications are provided in the TROYPOINT Rapid App Installer. With this tool, you can install the best apps with the click of a. Ranked on top of the list is one of the best Android Launchers around, i.e., Nova Launcher. The launcher comes with one of the smoothest touch available around. It can be customized further as per the liking of the user. It consumes a little over 15 MB of Ram and offers high performance to the hilt Nova Launcher is one of the first Android launcher apps and also the best customization launcher application that made its way into the app stores and with time, the Android app has made its name in the mobile industry

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  1. Google nimmt den Android-Launcher Google Now von der Download-Plattform Play Store. Nur noch wenige Wochen ist das Herunterladen der Homescreen-App auf Android-Smartphones und -Tablets möglich
  2. POCO Launcher have app drawer with customizable categories. Stock launcher on POCO smartphones. posidon launcher: Leo Shneyderis: Yes: Yes: No: GNU General Public License: Free: 5.0+ 500 A one-page launcher with a news feed QM Launcher: Quantum Matrix Holdings LLC. Yes: No? Proprietary: Free/Paid: 2.3+ Ratio: Blloc GmbH: Yes: No: No: Proprietary: Free : 2.9+ 100,000+ Minimal laucher with a.
  3. What exactly is Google Now Launcher? On an Android phone, the launcher is basically the maître d': it's the bit of software that welcomes you onto the phone, is in charge of the home screen, and..
  4. Hier sind die 15 besten Android Launcher! Mit Launcher Apps kannst du den Homescreen deines Android Handys verändern und ein neues Design bekommen! Kostenlo..
  5. Google will den beliebten Google Now Launcher für Android noch im ersten Quartal 2017 aus dem Play Store entfernen. Ab März dürfen ihn Hersteller von Android-Geräten zudem nicht mehr..

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  1. Kompabilität: Android 4.1+ » Download: Google Now Launcher herunterladen (gratis) Solo Launcher (gratis) Über 5.000 Themes und Hintergrundbilder stehen mit dem Solo Launcher zum Download bereit.
  2. Nova Launcher is a powerful, customizable, and versatile home screen replacement. Nova brings advanced features to enhance your home screens, but still remains a great, user-friendly choice for everyone. Whether you want to completely overhaul your home screens or are looking for a cleaner, faster home launcher, Nova is the answer
  3. In this video i will show you how to install windows 10 launcher on Android. Thanks for whatching, and please subscribe to connect us. Watch this video to ge..
  4. Der Google Now Launcher wird demnächst nicht mehr angeboten. Er wird bald aus dem Play Store entfernt und Hersteller von Android-Geräten dürfen ihn dann nicht meh

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Smart Launcher is a free and fast Interface for Android. We have no ads! It's a tiny but strong launcher with all the basic features you need , It can help to makes your phone faster and easy to use. Let's Enjoy now ~ Key Features: ★ Beautiful UI Interfac Go to app settings for Nova Launcher and check the permissions it has. Give it permission to modify system settings. Since I did that I haven't been prompted to set the default launcher. Source. And that's all for now. Let us know in the comments below if the above solutions worked for the Android 11 default launcher reset issue. Hopefully. Google Now Launcher ist der offizielle Launcher von Google der mit allen Geräten der Serie Nexus 5 kompatibel ist und auch auf Geräten mit Android 4.1 und höher genutzt werden kann. Mit Google Now Launcher wird in erster Linie Google in den Home Screen eingebunden. Das heißt, dass der zuvor eingestellte Instant Messenger nun durch Google.

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Google Now Launcher is the official launcher from Google that works on all Nexus 5 series devices and which can also be used on any other device running Android 4.1 or above. What Google Now Launcher basically does is put Google as the main feature on your device's home screen. This means that, for example, traditional text messaging will no. Here I will tell you some most important functionalities of google now launcher android 9 apk and share methods how you can use simply these launchers on your mobile phone. One of the major functionality of download google now launcher is, it will change your every icon, every background and will totally change the look of your home screen and dock settings. You can customize them as you want. Google Now Launcher parallels the stock KitKat Launcher that comes with the Nexus 5. If you've been using the stock KitKat launcher on an older device, you will immediately notice that Google Now is now a swipe away, to the left of the home screen. You'll also notice that the 'Apps' and 'Widgets' tabs at the top of the app drawer have been removed, making room for larger icons in. Google Now launcher is an in house launcher app developed by Google itself. This Google Now launcher is target at nonpixel device users who can't like their Old installed launcher & instead favour a Real Android experience. The Google search bar design can also be best customized right from the home screen to itself. Combined with the smooth application drawer app suggestions at the top also.

Now, if you miss your old Android launcher, you can set it again as default in your phone's settings. If you are not familiar with changing your default home screen, this guide will help you do so. With these quick and easy steps, changing your default Android launcher won't be a problem anymore. If you have any questions or you wish to share your thoughts, please leave us a message in the. Finding good launchers. Now it's time to find a launcher. The Play Store aggregates some of the more popular choices into a section that you can access by going to Personalization > Cool app.

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  1. Now that we can show and launch one app, we should be able to show and launch all apps. We just need to get a list of all the package names on the device, cycle through it, and load the icons into.
  2. You can now create an Adaptive Launcher Icon or Legacy Only Launcher Icon as per your requirement. Create an Adaptive Launcher Icon You'll use this icon type for Android 8.0 support. First, select Launcher Icons (Adaptive & Legacy) for Icon Type. Change the name of the icon if you wish to. If the name already exists, there will be a warning at.
  3. Go to app settings for Nova Launcher and check the permissions it has. Give it permission to modify system settings. Since I did that I haven't been prompted to set the default launcher. Source. And that's all for now. Let us know in the comments below if the above solutions worked for the Android 11 default launcher reset issue. Hopefully.
  4. When I open the launcher hijack app, there is no button to click. There is only a blue at the top that says laucher hijack. Beneath that is says Hello World. No buttons, nothing else. P. parrotgeek1 Senior Member. Feb 14, 2014 832 1,215 parrotgeek.com. Jul 7, 2016 at 11:54 PM #8 MisterSteve said: I tried this and it did not work for me. When I open the launcher hijack app, there is no button.
  5. Get this Android launcher from Google Play now! 4. BIG Launcher. Like the Grand Launcher, this app also needs other apps for its messaging, contacts, and other features. If that doesn't bother you, read on to know more about BIG Launcher. A quick and manageable app for seniors, BIG provides simple shortcuts and apps for smooth navigation of your device. With a single touch control for all.

Evie Launcher is one such option, offering various choices for app columns and the width of the app dock, but not much else beyond. Not that this is a weakness, far from it The Google Now Launcher, then, isn't a unique app - it goes in to bat against an already established market of other options, like the venerable Nova and Apex launchers that were around back. Nova Launcher is one of the powerful, customizable, and versatile and best Android launchers available now. The app is highly optimized, with smooth and snappy animations that will even older phones a fast and fluid feel. Nova Launcher allows you to customize the gestures you use on your device. The launcher also lets you backups of your settings to import them to other devices. It has a free. Most Android launchers have a setup guide included to help you get started quickly, so simply tap on the launcher's app icon, which should have appeared on your home screen. If it hasn't.

The default launcher will always have the delete option grayed out (or no icon at all, depending on Android version). Older Android devices will have a default launcher named, simply enough, Launcher, where more recent devices will have Google Now Launcher as the stock default option. And this is, of course, contingent on manufacturer build, as well-for example, the default. It's not the friendliest interface out there among best Android launchers, it's still an interesting choice if information density isn't a turn-off for you. Download: AIO Launcher 5 Android launchers are apps that can spice up your phone's home screen or act as a personal assistant. Here's what you need to know about how they work and how to choose one that's right for you But it will work as a third party launcher, you will have to open the Home app every time to enjoy the new Google TV Launcher. You will not find any way to set it as the default launcher, the thing we see on an Android device. So we are going to disable the default Android TV launcher to set the new Google TV launcher as the default launcher

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5. Nova Launcher. A list of Android launchers, and we miss the fan-favorite Nova? Not going to happen. Nova launcher supports a long list of gestures and inputs from the app settings. They are all. I would have assumed that the ms launcher was getting tested with the developer previews of android 11. However, it does not appear to be the case. Android 11 was officially released today, and of course, I updated it. Microsoft Launcher would start up, but after loading any app and going back to th.. Google Now Launcher, free download Android. Google Now Launcher 1.4.large: Inteligentniejszy sposób korzystania z telefonu lub tabletu. Szukasz jesz

Launcher3 is the default launcher in AOSP Android, and is the base behind many customized launchers - even Google's own Now Launcher (obsolete) and Pixel Launcher. Some manufacturers would leave the default name and icon in, but customize its appearance and behaviour nonetheless Google Now war eine hauseigene Erweiterung der App Google Search des US-amerikanischen Unternehmens Google LLC Sie dient als intelligenter persönlicher Assistent für die Betriebssysteme Android und iOS.Ab Februar 2014 war die Erweiterung auch als Entwicklerversion des hauseigenen Browsers Chrome nutzbar. Im Februar 2017 gab Google bekannt, dass Google Now Launcher im ersten Quartal des. 5.B Using configuration designer to setup Microsoft Launcher features. Now, let's finish Microsoft Launcher configuration by using JSON to specify set and position of apps on the home screen. You can edit your existing app configuration profile by clicking on the policy you just made in Apps > App configuration policies App 9: Launcher. Like its name, this is a no-frills, minimalist launcher. Everything is done through gestures, so your home screen only needs to show the time and date. You can still swipe up to open an app drawer, but then you can also swipe down, left, or right to open specific apps. There are also double-tap and long-press shortcuts, and you can even assign apps to be launched when you.

Du kannst aber in Einstellungen > Apps > Alle mal zu App launcher 3 scrollen und aufrufen, darin dann Cache löschen und, wenn es nicht hilft auch Daten löschen, und / oder Beenden erzwingen, danach Rebooten (evtl. musst du dann 10 Sekunden die Powertaste drücken, Tab geht aus, und neu starten! Die Apps, die du nicht auf dem Home Screen haben willst, kannst du ja auf das x ziehen, und. Google is putting the kibosh on one of its best apps. Originally available on the Nexus 5 running Android 4.4. KitKat, Google brought the Google Now Launcher to the Play Store way back in February. Meet people using Android to change what's possible in daily life. Watch and read stories about creative, driven people discovering how to make their world more colorful and connected. With Android by their side. Explore stories. Devices for everything and everyone. Choices for work, gaming, 5G streaming and anything else. There's over 24,000 phones and tablets that run on Android. So no. Now If you run your app , it will appear as a Launcher. Or Press Home button of your android phone and it will ask to set it as default launcher. Congrats You have made your launcher :D Yup Seriously ! It is that easy ! Now as a Flutter Application developer I hope you are able to do some of your own customizations Google Now Launcher was one of the most widely used Android launchers. The launcher comes in a very stock Android look, and one of its best features, was the ability to open Google Now with just a simple right swipe. Most people who used Google Now Launcher, loved it for its simplicity, clean look, and ease of navigation. However, the widely loved Google Now Launcher has been discontinued and.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you wish to return to the original firestick interface you must enable the stock launcher first. DO NOT delete the app as it may result in a complete loss of User Interface. If this occurs, your device will require a factory reset which you can perform by pressing the right-down button and back button simultaneously for 10 seconds or more: Please refer to our How to. Android [ˈændɹɔɪd] (von englisch android Androide, von altgriechisch ἀνήρ Mann und εἶδος Gestalt) ist sowohl ein Betriebssystem als auch eine Software-Plattform für mobile Geräte wie Smartphones, Tabletcomputer, Fernseher, Mediaplayer, Netbooks und Autos, die von der von Google gegründeten Open Handset Alliance entwickelt werden. . Basis ist ein Linux-Ker Schließe dich im Action-Building-Spiel von Epic Games mit anderen Spielern zusammen, um gewaltige Festungen zu bauen und Monsterhorden zu bekämpfen. Stelle dabei Dinge her und sammle Beute in riesigen Welten, in denen kein Match dem anderen gleicht In addition, this Android car launcher app will also keep you updated with your real-time location on the map along with the other app features. So if you prefer to change the color of the wallpaper or add any different wallpaper, the app does that for you with just a click or two. MAD Verdict: Car App launcher App Review. Design- 4 star

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I couldn't get the full Android TV launcher to install, but could get one called 'ATV Launcher' running. I have this set up to run on bootup and this replaces all of the Foxtel BS that I no longer have a subscription for. If you try ATV launcher straight off Google Play you will have no joy due to it being recognized by Foxtel's blocker that it's a launcher. I did this about 12 months ago so I. Xbox app feedback. Here at Xbox, we are a passionate team of gamers who are inspired to continue improving the gaming experience on Windows 10. Help us build the app by providing feedback. In the app, go to Settings > Feedback and share your thoughts, so you can help us build a gaming client you love This Android launcher with a cult following now supports Android 11. By Jordan Palmer 30 March 2021. The popular launcher has returned once again, this time for Android 11. Comments (1) (Image. Downloading Microsoft Launcher will replace the default launcher. Microsoft Launcher does not replicate the user's PC home screen on the Android phone. Users must still purchase and/or download any new apps from Google Play. Follow Microsoft. What's new. Surface Laptop 4; Surface Laptop Go; Surface Go 2 ; Surface Pro X; Surface Duo; Microsoft 365; Windows 10 apps; HoloLens 2; Microsoft Store. The app has been great for quite some time now, and it offers a unique way of using a launcher. When you fire up the app, you'll notice a list of your apps in a vertical format. You can select.

Home » Android » android - App not showing in launcher. android - App not showing in launcher . Posted by: admin May 14, 2020 Leave a comment. Questions: After installing an app via the run command on Android Studio, the app launches correctly, I can see it in the applications list and account manager. The problem is that it doesn't show up at all in the app launcher. (I have Google. The Android One Launcher, a tweaked version of the Google Pixel Launcher, has been extracted and ported from Xiaomi's Xiaomi Mi A1. It works on almost any device, and it's available for download The CATEGORY_LAUNCHER category indicates that this activity's icon should be placed in the system's app launcher. If the <activity> element does not specify an icon with icon, then the system uses the icon from the <application> element. These two must be paired together in order for the activity to appear in the app launcher. The second activity, ShareActivity, is intended to facilitate.

The stock home screen app that comes with your phone is nothing compared to Nova Launcher. Not only is Nova faster, but it's got tons of customization tweaks like gestures, adjustable grid sizes, and icon packs, just to name a few I have a Galaxy Note 8 now running Android Pie (v9). I am in the Launcher Beta program. But just as a note of encouragement or hope, I'll note that the MS Launcher has been running pretty smoothly for me now for some time since I upvoted this thread some time ago that I had the same question. I rarely if ever switch back to Samsung's interface.

Experience the best features of your Android device when driving with Android Auto. Just tap your car display or get hands-free help with your Google Assistant. So you can focus on the road While Arrow Launcher is not visually similar to any of the aforementioned Windows 1o Launchers, the app is designed by Microsoft for Android. Arrow Launcher is a light and efficient Android.

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App icons in Google Now Launcher are slightly bigger than the stock Android ones and are more spaced-out in the app drawer, meaning that if you have lots of apps installed you'll be flipping screens a lot to get around. How to install Google Now Launcher. If you're used to setting up Android launchers you won't have too many issues with Google Now Launcher. In fact, you might even lament the. 8/10 (6 Stimmen) - Download Google Now Launcher Android kostenlos. Google Now Launcher bietet eine bessere Erfahrung mit Android. Downloaden Sie Google Now Launcher gratis und greifen Sie auf neue Anpassungsoptionen zu. Die Glückspilze, die einen Nexus haben, brauchen einfach nur mit dem Fingen.. When you hit the Home button you should be prompted to choose your launcher. Google Now Launcher for other Android devices. Other Android phones can run the Now Launcher, too. You don't have to. Not only is Microsoft Launcher a completely Android-native experience, but it's a top-quality, ever-updating launcher. It's one of few outside Nova Launcher to offer edge-to-edge widgets and. I was able to access it using an activity launcher app and enabling both of the Google Now tabs. 7 comments. share. save. hide. report. 86% Upvoted. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. Sort by. best. level 1. Moderator of r/Android, speaking officially 9 hours ago · Stickied comment. Hey there Wacko1805, your post has been automatically filtered for further review for the mod.

Nova Launcher ist ein neuer Startup-Screen für Android-Geräte mit Version 4.0 oder höher. Der Launcher bietet viel mehr als der standardmäßig eingestellte Startup-Screen. Das Programm hat vor allem visuell einiges zu bieten, praktisch jede noch so einfache Aktion wird verblüffend gut dargestellt. Schon alleine, dass man einfach scrollen. Click on Launcher at the top and select the Google App from the list. Here's where you can change to any other launcher you'd like, or of course select the default apps to use for the.

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Launcher iOS 12 sets a new standard for the Android mobile operating system. It makes your phone better than before. And now it opens up to amazing possibilities for [a] launcher on your phone. With Launcher iOS 12, Your phone is the most powerful, personal, and intelligent devices they've ever been Launcher3 is the default launcher in AOSP Android, and is the base behind many customized launchers - even Google's own Now Launcher (obsolete) and Pixel Launcher. Some manufacturers would leave the default name and icon in, but customize its appearance and behaviour nonetheless Nokia hat dem World Launcher Z eine sehr interessante Art gezeigt, Ihr Android-Gerät zu nutzen, während Yahoo Aviate gestartet hat, das sich an Ihre Arbeit anpasst und die Dinge insgesamt ändert. Der Google Now Launcher ist schon eine Weile hier, aber nur für bestimmte Geräte (wie die der Nexus-Serie). Nun, es ist jetzt für alle Geräte verfügbar, auf denen Android 4.1 oder höher. Lade Google Now Launcher die alten Versionen Android APK oder upgrade auf die Google Now Launcher aktuelle Version. Überprüf Google Now Launcher Veröffentlichungsdatum, changelog u.s.w

Tap Launcher (i.e. Android's native one), then tap Always. And that's it! Now that you have this little tip in your pocket, feel free to go nuts with other launchers. If they don't work out, it's. Microsoft Launcher (Android-App) 6.210102.0.940540 kostenlos in deutscher Version downloaden! Weitere virengeprüfte Software aus der Kategorie Tuning & System finden Sie bei computerbild.de Now, you can Download Android 10 launcher apk for any Android device. As it's a Rootless Pixel Launcher with version 10 for Pixel devices, the modded APK version won't require anything extra and will easily compatible with any of your Android devices <activity android:name=.SingleInstanceActivity android:label=singleInstance launchMode android:launchMode=singleInstance android:taskAffinity=> It makes more sense now. This mode is rarely used. Some of the real use case is an Activity for Launcher or the application that you are 100% sure there is only one Activity. Anyway I suggest you not to use this mode unless it is really necessary

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arrow_back Android Asset Studio Launcher icon generator. Source on GitHub. Show grid file_download Download ZIP. See all. Android 12 Now Has a New Device Search API for Third-Party Launchers. By Furqan Shahid. Apr 5, 2021 02:49 EDT. It has only been a month since Google released the Android 12 Developer Preview 2. Der mit dem Nexus 5 eingeführte Google Now Launcher ist ab sofort mit allen Smartphones und Tablets mit Android 4.1 Jelly Bean oder höher kompatibel. Bislang war die App ausschließlich für die. Wie Google via Twitter ankündigte, ist der Google Now Launcher nun für alle Android Geräte verfügbar, wenn auf diesen mindestens das Android OS Jelly Bean mit der Version 4.1 oder höher läuft. OK Google. Zwar war es vorher auch schon möglich, den Google Now Launcher auf seinem nicht unterstützten Android System zu installieren, wie etwa durch Sideloading, oder mittels Launcher von. On Android 6.0 Marshmallow, Google Now supported an additional feature known as Now On Tap, which lets a user perform searches within the context of information currently displayed in an app. When a user activates the feature, by holding the Home button or using a voice command, the text content of the current screen is parsed for keywords and other information (names of people, television.

REVIEW JARVIS UI & AI FROM JD ANDRO BLACKPOOL - YouTubeSamsung Galaxy S8 Android O LOOK!!! - YouTube2017 Easy to Change UGLY your Android TV box launcher15 Best Watchfaces for Your Android Smartwatch (AndroidAndroid Auto vs

Aber ein Werksreset sollte das beheben in > Einstellungen > Sichern & zurücksetzen > Auf Werkszustand zurück Nein, den launcher gibt es nicht als App auf die du Zugriff hast, der launcher baut ja den Home Screen und die anderen auf. Ist eine System-Anwendung. Du kannst aber in Einstellungen > Apps > Alle mal zu App launcher 3 scrollen und aufrufen, darin dann Cache löschen und, wenn es nicht hilft auch Daten löschen, und / oder Beenden erzwingen, danach Rebooten (evtl. Next, follow the instructions below to install the Wolf Launcher app. Install Wolf Launcher App. 1. Launch Downloader again and enter the following URL - troypoint.com/wolf and click Go. 2. Click Install. 3. Click Done. 4. Click Delete. 5. Click Delete again. Now follow the steps below for setting up this custom launcher on your device. How to Set up Wolf Launcher. 1. Open the Launcher Manager app. 2. Select Disable Stock Launcher. 3 Android » Tools » Google Now Launcher » Google Now Launcher 1.3.large-103001. Holen Sie sich Updates auf Google Now Launcher. Tweet; Google Now Launcher 1.3.large-103001. 280 Downloads. Google Now Launcher 1.3.large-103001 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. Dateigröße: 14.56 MB; Veröffentlichung: Hinzufügen Infos; Works on: Android 4.1-4.1.2 Jelly Bean (API level 16) / Android 4.2-4.2.2. Step 4: Enjoy Your New Launcher. Once the app has been installed, simply hit the home button and check out your brand new launcher. (Make sure to select TouchWiz home if asked.) The current consensus is that S8 launcher is much smoother, and has far less redraws than the one included with the Android Nougat update for the S7 and S7 Edge. Then, of course, there's the new swipe gesture to open your app drawer, so it's good stuff all around ADW. Launcher. Finally, this list would not be complete without the inclusion of a launcher that has survived the test of time among Android users. The ADW. Launcher is something of a relic on the Android platform, and yet is has survived beyond its initial and considerable impact on the market. Today, it retains almost cult status among loyal.

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